Be careful.

The biggest danger is from the barbershop itself.
  This danger will remain for a long time evn aftr LockDown.
  Barber rubs the nose & neck of many people with d Draping towel.
The head of the US Department of Health J. Anthony has said that 50 percent of the deaths in the US have happened in the same way that came into cntct with those gone to saloons.
If we come in contact with an infected patient- we r sure to become infectd with Or without symptoms later on.
Hence think thrice bfore going to a saloon for getting a haircut until the corona is completely over.
  Barber will be in contact with many people,
  Barber’s towel, barber’s razor, barber brush, chair etc. are used by many people.
The threat will remain 4 sometime even after the situation returns to normal.
Be careful – Keep Healthy.
Post dis to ur Near & Dears. 🙏🏻